Get Ready To Take The NEXT STEP!

At Salem We believe in helping people take their Next Steps with Jesus in every season of their life. We want to help you find your next step! 

Discover | June 2, 12:30-1:30

Discover is a 1  hour event with you in mind. Discover how your story, Salem's story, and God's story can bring hope and healing to you, your community, and the world! Expect amazing food and an awesome free gift. Childcare provided!  

Gravity Leadership 

Have you ever wondered if there was more to Christianity than this? Have you ever wondered what your next faith step is? Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn alongside leaders from all over the region from our friends at Gravity. Gravity is a discipleship event that will teach you how to take one step towards the kingdom each week, and reclaim the way of Jesus in your life and ministry! Already, Gravity has helped leaders all over the country recapture their calling and purpose.  Register for one or all three events below!

Group Connect 

Group Connect is an opportunity for individuals to test drive what a small group experience looks like in a 1 hour event. Its a chance to see what Authentic Belonging looks like in a church, to get a good bite to eat, and to meet some of the people who want to get more connected just like you!


Baptism is a way of declaring to the world “I have decided to follow Jesus.” After a person has asked Jesus to lead them, their next step is baptism. Jesus was baptized and instructs us to do the same. It is the public celebration of the individuals private decision to follow Jesus.

Spiritually speaking, when you go in the water it symbolizes the “old” you and when you come out of the water it represents the "new life" you have in Jesus. It doesn’t mean you are perfect now, it is simply a physical expression of God’s power in your life.

Have You Decided? 

Pizza with the Pastors

You are important to us…our pastors and families want to meet you! This Pizza  with the Pastors is for anyone new AND for anyone looking for a place to connect. Come and enjoy an informal pizza party where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the vision and ministry of Salem.