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About Surrendered Living

Surrendered Living (Salem's Outreach Ministry) exists to create opportunities for the Holy Spirit to move as people actively surrender their time, talent, and treasure.

We accomplish this mission by helping people to identify things that they are gifted in and that they are passionate about. From there, we help plug people into meaningful places of service that align with their God given giftings and passions. For some it may be serving a certain role within the Church. For others, it may be serving with one of our partner organizations or even starting their own ministry! Another component of what it means to live a life surrendered to God is that we recognize all that we have is on loan from Him. Without God, we would have nothing, so to honor Him and his guidance of offering a tithe to the local church, we selflessly give what we are able in the form of a financial gift to help expand God’s Kingdom!

Salem Outreach

Leading People to Serve Like Jesus

We truly believe that a person can never look more like Jesus when they are serving others. When you consider all of Jesus’ miracles that He performed, not one of them was self-serving. He spent His life and ministry trying to meet the spiritual and physical needs of those He encountered. It is our great honor to help those that we serve start to reflect the image of Jesus better.

Salem Serving Events

Serving Events

Serving is a lifestyle. Therefore, Surrendered Living strives to organize monthly service days/opportunities for the church. These opportunities are often design for the whole family to participate.

Regular projects consist of packing meals for children in poverty-stricken areas of the globe, assembling bags of supplies that can be handed out to the homeless population in our community, and once a year we gather on a Sunday morning for what the church calls “Love Does Sunday.” Love Does Sunday consists of over 20 different community service projects that Team Salem carries out all over the Northmont community.

Outreach Serve Opportunities

Northmont Youth Fishing Derby Serve Opportunity.

Serve at the Northmont Fishing Derby here at Salem Pond on July 20th. Several volunteers are needed for the Parking Team and Refreshment Team, as well as helping kids measure fish.

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Englewood Hills Elementary Painting Serve Opportunity

We will be gathering to paint the halls of Englewood Hills Elementary July 12th-13th. This is a great opportunity to fellowship with each other and bless this school with some updated hallways!

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Service Partners

Local Partners

  • Northmont F.I.S.H. 
  • Community Table
  • Miami Valley Leadership Foundation

Global Partners

  • Children of Promise
  • Caring Partners International


  • Nate and Stacy Tatman
  • Joel and Amy Hardman

Salem Outreach Ministries

  • Threads of Love
  • Helping Hands Circle
  • OneHeart

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get involved, but I’m not sure how. What is the first step?

We recommend that you “Test Drive” a few ministry areas and see what you think! You can see a list of available options by checking out the test drive section on our website. This allows you to shadow a group of volunteers in a ministry area for a day and get a feel for what it’s like and what goes on. There’s no commitment, and unless you feel a very strong call to the ministry area you test drove, you are encouraged to try out several more before deciding where your giftings and passions can be best used.

Is there a way that Salem can help me figure out what it is that I am called to do?

Yes and no. God is the only one who can provide that sort of revelation, but we can do is invite you to an experience called “Younique”. Younique is designed to help people identify areas in which they are gifted and passionate with the end goal of being able to identify your God given calling! Younique is a 6-week experience where we look at the story of David from his time as a shepherd boy all the way into his reign as king. David knew who he was and what his strengths were, and through faith and connection to his Heavenly Father, he boldly stepped into his calling and lived it out! We believe that through this model, anyone can figure out what their own Younique calling is.

Does the church go on mission trips?

Salem has a vast group of organizations that we partner with, and some of those organizations offer trips that are made available to Salem members. Most of our service initiatives are focused on the local level, but we are careful not to ignore or neglect the global church. We also support two missionary families as part of our global mission!

If I want to start serving or want to request Salem to serve at my ministry/organization, who do I contact?

Our Staff


Tom Moody

Pastor of Local & Global Missions