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Leading People to God through Worship

Salem Worship & Production Arts exists to provide an authentic expression of relationship and reconciliation with Jesus Christ. We do this by leading worship during Sunday morning service, nights of prayer and worship, and providing creative workshops


About Salem Worship

Salem Worship is a unified worship team full of musicians, vocalists, audio engineers, camera operators, lighting programmers, and creatives that pursue an authentic expression of our passions and giftings as well as community with one another.
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Salem Worship Values

Joy - We joyfully serve!

Development - We are always growing, learning, and open to coaching

Excellence - We bring our best 

Ownership - We take our craft seriously and add our own unique piece to the team

Integrity - We are honest and vulnerable with each other 

Unity - We serve, work hard, and do life together 

Rest - We set up healthy boundaries for serving

Ministry Rhythms

Worship and Production Arts Weekly Schedule

  • Rehearse as a team on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:00
  • Monthly musical workshops
  • Quarterly team nights together
  • Serve and lead every Sunday during service

Frequently Asked Questions

How are songs selected for Sunday?

Every song included on Sundays goes through a process of examination before it is selected. Here are the four questions we ask. Is it God honoring? Does it teach Biblical truths? Does it edify the body? Is God’s Spirit working in this song?

How can I get involved?

To get involved on the worship team, all team members go through an audition process to set all team members up to succeed. Email Pastor Noah today to start the process! 

What other areas can I get involved?

The worship team leads and serves Wednesday nights at Next Level with Salem Students, Thursday nights for the Celebrate Recovery ministry, and Sunday Mornings for SalemKids in The Bridge.

What roles and positions make up the worship and production team?

  • Worship Team - Drummers, Bassists, Guitarists, Pianists, keyboardists, vocalists, music directors
  • Production Team -  Front of house audio, graphics operator, front of house lighting, camera operators, PTZ camera controls, video directors, technical directors, stage hands, stage building and designers

Upcoming Salem Worship Events

Our Staff

Jeanette Dotson

Jeanette Dotson

Worship Assistant
Noah Rabe

Noah Rabe

Pastor of Worship Arts & Communications
Salem Worship Team
Salem Worship Team