2024 Prayer Challenge


What is the Prayer Challenge?

The 2024 Prayer Challenge is a 3-month prayer initiative that you can join at any time! Prayer is vital to a growing relationship with the Lord. Prayer helps us grow in our faith, in our relationship with Jesus, and even with one another. In the first 3 months of 2024, you'll be challenged to pray for the following topics: your world, our world, and the world. Click below to commit to the 2024 Prayer Challenge and receive new tools, tips and techniques to level up your prayer life!


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February's Challenge!

For the month of February, you are invited to boldly pray for OUR world -- the people and places that make up our community. Be intentional to pray daily for God to make big moves in our world!

In the Bible, Luke 15 encourages us to intentionally reach the ONE who is lost in our world. This month, pray for your One as they navigate our world. Pray that they see the goodness of God in the midst of the pull of our world, and that they begin to desire the things of God -- not the things of this world.


Prayer Points

  • Families/Marriages
  • Neighbors
  • First responders/Healthcare workers
  • Businesses
  • Military/Government
  • Schools
  • Media/Entertainment
  • Churches

Example Prayer

"God, I thank You for Your perfect creation. I know that Your design and Your will for my life are often different than my own. I ask, Lord, that You give me the wisdom to know when You are calling me away from the ways of our world and the courage to follow the path that You have carved for me rather than following the path that my own desires would have me follow. I pray for the lost souls that I encounter daily who have no relationship with You God. I pray they might soften their hearts to what it is that You would have them know and that You can organize their desires and priorities to align more with Your perfect plan. It’s in the glorious name of Jesus that I pray, Amen!"

Tips for Families

One way to involve your children in prayer is to ask them to pray for the parts of OUR world that are important to them! Your children may decide to pray for their teachers, administrators, coaches, friends, favorite places, etc. Click below to download the free Parent Cue app for other ideas on how to incorporate your family and find time in your daily schedule to pray together. 

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Tips for Everyone

Prayer doesn't require any fancy words or checklist of things to say. Find times throughout your day to talk to God just like you would a friend. When you are feeling thankful, tell God! When you are feeling anxious, tell God! He delights in you sharing your hopes, dreams, and fears -- even if He already knows them better than you know yourself. 


Missed January?

Don't worry! Click below to check out January's prayer topic: praying for YOUR world. It is not too late to commit to the challenge!


January's Challenge