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Get Ready To Take Your Next Step!

At Salem, we believe in helping people take their Next Steps with Jesus in every season of their life. We want to help you find your next step! Whether you're ready to follow Jesus, get baptized, discover your "Younique" gifting, discover Salem, or start serving, now is the time to take your next step.

Salem Baptism


Baptism is a way of declaring to the world “I have decided to follow Jesus.” After a person has asked Jesus to lead them, their next step is baptism. Jesus was baptized and instructs us to do the same. It is the public celebration of the individual's private decision to follow Jesus.

Spiritually speaking, when you go in the water it symbolizes the “old” you, and when you come out of the water, it represents the "new life" you have in Jesus. It doesn’t mean you are perfect now; it is simply a physical expression of God’s power in your life.

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Salem Discover


Discover is a 1 hour event with you in mind. Discover how your story, Salem's story, and God's story can bring hope and healing to you, your community, and the world! Expect amazing food and an awesome free gift. Childcare provided!
Salem Younique


God created you with unique potential and placed you on planet Earth for a specific purpose! But in the busyness of life, you’ve probably never identified your specific calling in a way that brings life-changing clarity. Salem is excited to offer a powerful taste of what it feels like to live inspired by your God-given purpose. YOUNIQUE is 6-week primer designed to give you an accessible way to live God’s dream for your life each and every day.

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